Saturday, October 22, 2016

Taiwan Tea, Apparel & Bags, Art Taipei Olympiad 台灣茶、服裝與手提袋、台北藝術展售與競賽會

Taiwan Tea that makes you to enjoy tea drink like an European King or Queen in the Palace

(:100 即一百度 one hundred degree)

Beautiful Apparel that catches People’s Eyes

(:888 即發發發 more and more prosperous)

2017 Art Taipei World Art Fair and Art Olympiad

(:168 即一路發 all the way to the prosperous)

A Facebook public group "Fine Art to Sell"
  臉書公共社群網站 "藝術精品展售"

Hello! Your beautiful works of art are invited to join a public Facebook group "Fine Art to Sell" to exhibit freely fine art for sale to buyers worldwide.

From Western Oil Paintings to Chinese Watercolor Paintings; from Europe to America via China and Africa by-passing India; from bronze, jade and Jadeite, ceramics, paintings, dinosaur fossils, sculptures, to space meteorites; from century B.C. to A.D.; from US several dollars to millions, and even priceless; from unearthed, unearthed-seabed, to the outer space, you can find many extra-ordinary works of art here in this group!

Over thirty thousand increasing group members, most of them are creative and professional Artists, have offered over four thousand increasing valuable lots for your appreciation and examinations! It’s completely free to be in and free to be out as your wish and to get your knowledge of worldwide art freely!

(Over 30,000 group members and 4,000 artworks)

哈囉! 邀請您美麗的藝術作品歡迎加入臉書公共社群網站 "藝術精品展售" 以便向全世界的買家免費展示.

從西方油畫到中國水墨彩畫; 從歐洲至美洲經由中國與非洲路過印度; 從青銅器, 玉器翡翠, 瓷器, 書畫, 恐龍化石, 雕塑, 至太空隕石; 從西元前至西元後; 從數美元至數百千萬美元, 甚至無價之寶; 從地下出土, 海底床出水, 甚至於外太空, 您可在此臉書公共社群網站中找到許多特別好的藝術作品!

超過三萬位增加中的會員, 其中絕大部分是富有創造力強而專業的藝術作家, 已經提供了超過四千件增加中的名貴藝術作品供您鑑賞! 它是完全免費進入也是免費離開, 且正如您所願, 可以自由進出以取得您的全球藝術知識!


Over 1,600 photos of fine Chinese works of art including Ceramics and Paintings from large museums worldwide and Sotheby’s auctions as well as Christie’s auctions:

(Over 1,600 artworks)

Mr. Orion Hsu
Orion Museum


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10,000 visitors/views/clicks per day at Flickr

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