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Orion Future Prediction Technology 預測未來科技 via Universe & Human DNA Birth Time 基於宇宙及人類 DNA 出生時間

Orion Technology on FUTURE science

Based upon a close correlation among the Universe together with Human DNA Birth Time and Human Life

Historical Proof - The future and past time knowledge from the Universe!

歷史證明 – 從宇宙來的未來與過去時間知識!

Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun ordered the Hebrew baby boys given birth “on some certain day/days” to be murdered, executed, drowned in the Nile and the Dagger in Tutankhamun's tomb was made with iron from an outer space meteorite. They said that he ever said one sentence: “I see YESTERDAY; I know TOMORROW.”

埃及法老王圖坦卡門下令將在某些「時日出生」之猶太男孩謀殺害死或溺死在尼羅河中而圖坦卡門墳墓中陪葬的的匕首是由外太空之鐵隕石所製成. 傳聞他曾經說過一句話:「我看見了昨天;我知道明天。」.

On-Line Fate-Data Service 網路線上財運資料查詢服務

Enter-In-Password Price

US$ 10 for 1 time/day Enter-In each time on one day data
US$ 27 for 3 times/days Enter-In each time on one day data
US$ 80 for 10 times/days Enter-In each time on one day data
US$ 210 for 30 times/days Enter-In each time on one day data
US$ 600 for 100 times/days Enter-In each time on one day data
US$ 1,800 for 360 times/days Enter-In each time on one day data
US$ 4,000 for 1,000 times/days Enter-In each time on one day data
US$ 7,500 for 3,000 times/days Enter-In each time on one day data

查詢單日資料進入使用1/ - 美金US$ 10
查詢單日資料進入使用3/ - 美金US$ 27
查詢單日資料進入使用10/ - 美金US$ 80
查詢單日資料進入使用30/ - 美金US$ 210
查詢單日資料進入使用100/ - 美金US$ 600
查詢單日資料進入使用360/ - 美金US$ 1,800
查詢單日資料進入使用1,000/ - 美金US$ 4,000
查詢單日資料進入使用3,000/ - 美金US$ 7,500

Only the Birth Time and Male/Female Gender of the Person in view

Time Format 時間格式Such as 例如:
1975/05/31/#02 BiHour AM 01:00AM 03:00 (Early Midnight 今晨夜半) (YY/MM/DD/#? ? BiHour /// ?? 貳小時段)

#01 BiHour PM 11:00AM 01:00 (Last Night 前晚 - Early Midnight 今晨夜半)
#02 BiHour AM 01:00AM 03:00 (Early Midnight 今晨夜半)
#03 BiHour AM 03:00AM 05:00 (Dawn 黎明破曉)
#04 BiHour AM 05:00AM 07:00 (Dawn 黎明破曉)
#05 BiHour AM 07:00AM 09:00 (Morning 早上)
#06 BiHour AM 09:00AM 11:00 (Morning 早上)
#07 BiHour AM 11:00PM 01:00 (Noon 中午)
#08 BiHour PM 01:00PM 03:00 (Afternoon 下午)
#09 BiHour PM 03:00PM 05:00 (Afternoon 下午)
#10 BiHour PM 05:00PM 07:00 (Nightfall 傍晚)
#11 BiHour PM 07:00PM 09:00 (Night 晚上)
#12 BiHour PM 09:00PM 11:00 (Midnight 深夜)
(After PM 11:00 = #01 BiHour Tomorrow 深夜 PM 11:00 後是明日 #01 BiHour)

If you do not know the actual BiHour of the birth time on that birth day of the person in view, then you have to enter in each BiHour (12 in total) separately to identify the true one with the shown Fate Data and the Life Reality on some certain particular days of the person!

假如您完全不知道被觀察人出生當日的正確貳小時段, 則您必須把合計12個貳小時段都各別輸入後, 再用所示命運資料與被觀察人在某些特定天數內之實際生活資料互為比對而獲得正確的貳小時段!

You don’t know the Future and even the Next Moment!

If you know the Best and Lucky Days on some certain DAYs of Anybody living on Earth in advance, You can easily become a computer simulated Master of Future!

假如您預先知道生活在地球上任何人在某些天數中的最佳與最幸運日, 您可輕易地成為一位電腦模擬的未來大師!

Questions and Answers 問題與答案:

Will she accept my proposal of marriage tomorrow?

Being a military commander, will my offending attack become successful on tomorrow?
作為一個軍事指揮官, 我明天的攻擊性進攻行為會成功嗎?

Will she accept my dinner invitation tomorrow?

Being a captain, will my team win the contest tomorrow?
作為一個隊長, 我球隊明天的比賽會贏嗎?

Will my commercial contract be successful tomorrow?

How can I become a Master of Future at my town?

Will I earn money tomorrow?

Will my child pass the examination tomorrow?

How am I and how is my family tomorrow?

Find a very good and lucky day to receive incoming Fortunes/Revenues/Meals/Love/Happiness/Success!


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Attention: This Future Technology will never tell the actual Decease Day of one person due to the Universal Morality Rules of Life!

注意事項: 基於宇宙人道規則, 此未來科技將永遠不會顯示某人之正確死亡日期!

Orion Technology on FUTURE science


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