Monday, May 29, 2017

How to live a qualified life? 如何過一個有品味的生活?

How to live a qualified life?

Weather Forecast has only 80% accuracy. However people depend on this science to improve their daily living conditions by avoiding being outdoors under storms and tornadoes. People know to prepare a raincoat or an umbrella for a rainy day in advance! People will never go to a picnic at the day once the Weather Forecast warns them that a snow storm is coming up! This is a qualified life with the assistance of Weather Forecast! Nevertheless Weather Forecast can only be available within one month or so and there exist no long-term Weather Forecast for people all their lives within years or decades in advance!

Even the Emperors and Kings living thousands of years ago asked for Weather Forecast and Fate Prediction from their national consultants! Weather Forecast and Fate Prediction are usually called the imperial knowledge for the Emperors and Kings only!

Although our Fate Prediction has only 80% accuracy as Weather Forecast, however our Fate Prediction can be available within all the lives of people after the birthdays! This is much more powerful than the science of Weather Forecast. With this powerful Fate Prediction, people can live a qualified life by knowing their own good fortune days with high fortune scores and bad fortune days with zero fortune score all their lives after the birthdays in advance.

Both Fate Prediction and Weather Forecast will let people live a qualified life by avoiding storms and bad fortune days in advance with full preparations. Can an assassinator implement the order successfully once the target knows the bad fortune day and escapes from it in advance?

People can’t afford to change their own fates, nor can they afford to change Weather storms and tornadoes. However they do afford to minimize the loss or damage by full preparations in advance!






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